For Christmas Jacqui bought me a FOOD DEHYDRATOR! I’ve been wanting one for ages and she remembered! I was so delighted!

She had convinced me that she had bought me a 4tb hard drive right after I bought one myself. However, was I surprised on Christmas morning when I unwrapped this:

Good Cooking Dehydrator

Now that it is the New Year, I’m trying it out.

I chopped up two bananas, an apple, an orange, and two nectarines. Put them on the trays, plugged in the Australia-to-US adapter and plugged them in. I have a while before they are done, but I’m excited to see how they turn out!

I’m quite impressed that she was able to keep this underwraps from me. The funny thing is, she had her brother bring it from New York to here in Melbourne, and I’ll have to take it back with me to Los Angeles.

I’ll update on the progress soon!